• What are Lasts:   the shoe last is what represents the anatomy of the foot. A good last represents a good anatomy of the foot, and viceversa. There are two schools about lasts: that of constructing shoes in various width and one that    insteads optimizes one width for various foot width, yet creating a comfortable shoe. Few manufacturers specialize on different widths, like DB Shoes of UK, while most, Like in Italy, Spain, Portugal and Brazil, specialize in one width.

    One-width last has been developed to such a degree of sophistication that comfort is possible for many foot widths. But for  the the optimum one-width last some manufactures excel above others. This video shows how shoe lasts are made.

  • The importance of shoes against the rest of fashion by Vivienne Westwood  
  • Shoes by Pedro Moralles.This Spanish factory  beautifully reflects the feel of natural colours and imagery associated  weekend lifestyle.
  • Shoes by HOGL: Special quality  by an Austrian manufacturer, exporting to 30 countries. Hogl make shoes  for optimal fit, with soft uppers, a light and flexible sole, and a special “softline“ tread. A beautiful shoe that complements the woman that wears it.



  • ARA Shoes: a range by a German manufacturer, built around fun, the latest trends, comfort and fit.

  • Cherie Shoes: A Made in Italy brand characterized by artisan crafting, attention to detail, originality and quality materials.