Why don't you show width fittings?

We use several different factories to make our products, they use different "lasts" to make each shoe. These are the blocks of wood upon which the shoe is made. The "width" fitting is actually a volumetric measure not just width. Sometimes a shoe on a narrower but higher last will fit better than on a wider but lower last - both having the same "width" fitting. This leads to more confusion than it is worth. We prefer to open a dialog with you, and make recommendations based on what you have told us. Once one pair of our shoes has fitted you well we can recommend many others knowing they too will fit well - based on our knowledge of the lasts.

How long will delivery take?

We normally dispatch goods within 4 days however we always ask you to grant us at least 10 working days. In certain cases (bespoke shoes) it can take significantly longer - up to 8 weeks. If you have time constraints please let us know and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

How should I look after my shoes?

Please refer here about repairs, faults and looking after shoes

What does Goodyear welted mean?

Goodyear Welting is a special technique for fixing the "upper" to the sole. Rather than do this directly a "welt" is used. This means that the upper can be stitched onto a new sole several times using welts - thereby prolonging the life of the shoes significantly without losing their shape. Cheap shoes are usually glued to the sole and you have to throw them out when the sole expires.

Do you have a shop in the USA?

No. We have two retail showrooms in London, UK, Old Street Underground and High road, Ilford, Essex .

What is the difference between Old Street & Ilford, Essex collections?

The Old street collection is limited to City of London and because it’s a smaller shop we do not stock children shoes only Open 5 days Monday to Friday 8 am to 7 pm.(Not open on weekends or Bank holidays) Our Ilford shop is much lager and have much more selection and colourful shoes for men, women and children. Open 7 days a week; only closed Christmas day and Easter Sunday. (It’s well worth a visit 15 minutes from London Liverpool Street with British rail )

Do you offer Vat-free sales to Armed Forces personnel and Diplomatic personnel ?

Yes - if you are entitled to it. We require a "Certificate of Entitlement" which you can obtain from your commanding Officer. You can find out more here . When you have it please order online, use the BFPO (EU and ROW) as the country - which will give a vat free sale, and fax us the "Certificate of Entitlement". Unfortunately we cannot dispatch the goods without this.